Face Painting and Body Art based in Pittsburgh, PA
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Birthday Parties, Mitzvahs, Corporate Picnics, Festivals, Bachelorette Parties, etc.

About Me

Why you should hire me:
  • Safety - For all public events I use only water-based theatrical makeup that has been proven to be as hypoallergenic as possible. MSDS data sheets can be made available upon request. (Private parties can discuss special requests on a case-by-case basis.)  My glitter is all polyester cosmetic-grade and safe for use on the face and around the eyes and mouth.
  • Cleanliness  - I wash and sanitize all of my equipment before and after each event with antibacterial soap and medical 99% alcohol.
  • Quality mehndi - My henna is shipped directly from India, mixed by hand and kept fresh until the day of your event.   

How I will enhance your event:
  • Face painting isn't just for kids anymore!
Everyone can enjoy the feeling of being transformed!  Body art itself has made a big transformation.  Face painting is no longer just cheek art at birthday parties!  It's an art form that people of all ages can appreciate.  Experience the fun of art you can wear by inviting me to your next event and bringing the "magic" and fun of temporary body art with a contemporary feel!
  • Adding a henna artist to your event (or for a private party) adds a luxurious “spa-like” feel as you relax and allow yourself to be decorated with graceful designs that can be delicate and detailed or fast and fun - all beautiful!  Henna has been used since antiquity in many cultural celebrations throughout the Middle East and India.

What I am good at:
  • Professional - I'm insured and experienced. I have over 5 years of experience at festivals and private events, painting all ages of children and adults. I have even worked with special needs kids at the Children's Institute in Shadyside.  
  • Passionate  - I'm patient and understanding. I enjoy children and I love what I do!  My favorite part of the process is "the Reveal" - seeing everyone smile when I first show them their face in the mirror after working my "magic".
  • Flexible  - Designs can be tailored to most any theme  - what's your theme?!  

A recent graduate from Chatham University with a bachelors in Arts Management, my true passion is - and always will be - art.  What I've always loved most is art in application.  Face painting and drawing mehndi (henna) are ways that I am able to be creative and share that creativity with others.  When I'm not working with local area non-profits to help incorporate the arts in communities or relaxing with my loved ones, I am honing my trade by connecting with an international network of face and body artists or studying the latest trends, tips and techniques.

Any event can benefit from face painting  - corporate picnics, festivals, music performances, mitzvahs, church bazaars, block parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, you -name-it! I'll bring it!